Lay on your front in comfort

If you have had breast surgery
you need a mammagard.

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What does a Mammagard™ do?

The world’s first orthotic device for women scientifically proven to stop breasts from being compressed or displaced when lying prone.

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Why use a Mammagard™?

Mammagard™ devices address the ongoing and well established need to reduce breast structure compression and displacement when patients are lying facedown. Mammagard™ improves care, comfort & therapeutic experience.

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Whose Uses a Mammagard™?

Particularly women with surgically altered or large breasts, lactating or hormonal fluctuations. Used in manual therapy, lounging, sleeping, exercising or in surgical, radiology and clinical settings.

Protect your breasts

Patients with augmented or reconstructed breasts need to protect the human tissue surrounding the implant and are supplied, as part of their procedure, for tissue recovery & ongoing use.

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    Without Mammagard™
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Sarah’s experience

“The difference using my Mammagard™ was amazing. It has really changed things for me, I no longer have breast discomfort and pain. I would highly recommend a Mammagard™ to anyone who wants to lay on their front.”
– Sarah, California USA

Scientic research

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Are you a Therapist / Practitioner or Clinician?

Improve your therapeutic outcomes by using Mammagard™ for optimum comfort for female guests, your clients will love you.

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