Lay on your front in comfort

Mammagard™ is used for optimum comfort for women when laying on their front.

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What does a Mammagard™ do?

Mammagard™ is an orthotic device for women scientifically proven to stop breasts from being squashed, compressed or displaced when laying facedown.

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Why use a Mammagard™?

Mammagard™ devices address the ongoing and well established need to reduce breast structures compression and displacement when patients are laying facedown. Mammagard™ improves care, comfort & therapeutic outcomes.

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Which Mammagard is for me?

Multiple sizes and firmness options are available for differing breast size, protection and individual preference. Let us help you.

For Clinicians / Therapists a Complete Kit or Complete Pack are available to purchase for the treatment room. Simply click here for more information.

In two steps we’ll help you choose the right Mammagard™

Body Weight
Your weight determines how firm the device is that suits you.

Breast Cup Size
Your cup size determines which Mammagard™ size you require.

Our shop will help you select the correct Mammagard™ for you

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Where are Mammagard’s used?

You can use your Mammagard™ when lounging, sleeping, exercising or anywhere when laying on your front.

Also in manual therapy, surgical and clinical settings.

Perfect for summer days at the beach.

Don’t squash your breasts

If you have augmented or reconstructed breasts, protect the tissue surrounding your implant.

See below MRI demonstration breast squashing in a female with unilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with implant.

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    Without Mammagard™
  • premium-protection-2With Mammagard™

Sarah’s experience


“The difference using my Mammagard™ was amazing. It has really changed things for me, I no longer have breast discomfort and pain. I would highly recommend a Mammagard™ to anyone who wants to lay on their front.”
– Sarah, California USA

Scientic research

Read our Peer Review Journals and publications

Are you a Therapist / Practitioner or Clinician?

Improve your therapeutic outcomes by using Mammagard™ for optimum comfort for female guests, your clients will love you.

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